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Zenith Microscopes have been supplied to Education, Medicine and Industry for over 35 years and during this time they have been held in high regard for the rare combination of quality performance and value which they offer.

ZENITH SCHOLARIS-400 Dual LED Biological/Inspection Microscope
 The Zenith Scholaris-400 is a wonderfully versatile and easy to use instrument, providing a perfect platform to start discovering the fascinating wonders of the micro-world!
Elegantly designed and robustly constructed, the Scholaris-400 makes an ideal beginners microscope. Featuring dual-LED illumination (transmitted and incident) for the examination of a wide variety of specimens. The substage transmitted illumination allows the examination of prepared microscope slides and transparent specimens at 40x, 100x & 400x magnifications, whilst the incident top illumination allows opaque objects (e.g. coins, whole insects etc.) to be observed at 40x & x100. Supplied with an accessory kit, including 5 x prepared slides, 5 x plain slides, cover slips, test tube, pipette, probe and tweezers. Requires 3 x AA batteries (not supplied).

Standard Specification:

  • Magnification range: x40, x100, x400
  • X10 Widefield Eyepiece
  • Parfocal Achromatic Objectives: x4, x10, x40
  • Separate Incident and Transmitted LED Illumination
  • Rotating 6-Hole Disc Diaphragm
  • Single-Speed Focusing Control Knobs
  • Locked-on Stage Clips
  • Dust Cover
  • Overall Dimensions 160x118x300 mm
  • Weight Approx 800g
  • Supplied with Gift Box


Lumax’ Series Advanced Student Cordless LED Microscopes 

Ideal for GCSE biology studies at all levels, this new series of cordless microscopes incorporates innovative LED illumination technology into a proven microscope design, which features all the essential ‘Anti-Tamper’ features demanded by heavy school use. The microscope features a powerful rechargeable battery, located in the base, which is charged in situ with the mains power supply supplied. Charging time is typically 5-6 hours and when fully charged, the continuous discharge time is more than 50 hours. Under normal use, the LED bulb can last for more than 10,000 hours. The level of illumination is suitable even for high-power oil immersion work at x1000.
  • Magnification range: x40, x100, x400
  • DIN Achromatic Objectives x4 (0.10), x10 (0.25), x40R (0.65)
  • X10 Widefield eyepiece (with pointer)
  • Stage Condenser (N.A. 0.65) with Rotating 5-hole disc diaphragm
  • Triple Objective Turret
  • 9V 20W adjustable LED Illumination
  • Built-In 9V Rechargeable Battery
  • Supplied with 230V 9W Battery Charger
  • Separate Coarse and Fine Focusing
  • Rack and Pinion Focusing
  • Monocular Head Rotatable 360°
  • ‘Locked-On’ Eyepiece and Stage Clips
  • Slip-clutch on Focusing Mechanisms
  • Height 360mm / Weight 3 Kilograms
x16 Flatfield Eyepiece AM-16
x5 DIN eyepiece WF-5
x10 DIN widefield measuring eyepiece - ME-10
Mechanical Stage - CT-11
x7 DIN Huyghenian Eyepiece H-7
1mm Stage Micrometer (100x0.01mm Divisions) SM-1

Digital Microscope Imager Microscope Accessory

Digital Microscope Imager Microscope Accessory

  • View and/or capture snapshot images or video with your computer
  • Increase the value of your biological or stereo/low power microscope by easily adding digital capability
  • Adapts to virtually any type of microscope – 23mm diameter eyepiece tubes and with the supplied adapter 30mm diameter eyepiece tubes
  • 2MP sensor resolution with USB2.0 cable attached
  • Imager replaces the eyepiece of your microscope so you can view comfortably on your computer screen
  • Digital Power/Magnification of the Imager itself is about 100x when using 14”/35cm to 30”/75cm monitors. The digital power increases depending on the objective lens being used – for example, with a 2x objective lens the digital power is 200x, with a 4x objective it is 400x, with a 10x objective it is 1000x, etc. Monitors larger than 30”/75cm monitors will have a much higher power
  • UVC Plug and Play driver
  • CD-ROM contains photo management software for viewing and image capture when using the Imager, and works with Windows XP, Vista, and 7 operating systems
  • Works with most MAC operating systems of 10.4.9 and newer but use MAC photo management software
  • The Imager is rotatable 360° for your desired position when viewing slides or objects
  • Size – 2.5” (64mm) length x 0.9” (22mm) diameter
  • Weight – 1.5oz (42g)