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Yukon Night Vision Scopes

Yukon Night Vision

The Yukon Range embraces the most modern, cutting edge technology available without forgetting practicality. A key component to the originality of the range is that it sheds the burden of a one-dimensional item and evolves into a multifunctional system allowing the scope to be used virtually anywhere, you will be simply amazed by the ease of use and quality of image provided by this compact unit. The NV MT is equipped with two 1/4 inch mounts thus it can be utilized for a head mount as well as a rifle scope As an option, the NV MT can also be coupled with an exclusive rifle mount/laser system elevating the NV MT right to the top of the newest generation of compact night vision rifle scopes.

The Yukon Range of newly developed lenses have improved wavelength / contrast characteristics which help to utilize every bit of light amplification from the night vision tube.

This unique design allows the scope to produce a clear image with quality and high resolution. The NV MT was primarily designed to produce a quality image. The unit design has also considered both comfort and ease of use.

Our Exclusive PULSTM system provides the highest level of infrared illumination without the significant power drain on the battery. The PLUSTM system allows the maximum possible output by the I.R. Illuminator diode, yet letting it rest between the impulses to protect the IR from burning out. The pulsing frequency is invisible to a human eye but it penetrates longer distances due the quick energy bursts of the IR

Accessories for Yukon Night Vision Scopes :

Riffle conversion to convert NVMT to weapon scope

Optional accessory kit for the NVMT monocular consisting of a weapon mount and replacement eyepiece. Converts the unit from a hand-held monocular to a short range weapon mount unit. Weapon mount fits Weaver or airgun rails. Eyepiece gives extra eye relief required for weapon mount use, but cuts magnification of the monocular by 50%.

No aiming mark/reticle is built in to the NVMT, so a red dot laser is required to act as an aiming mark. An optional 20076 Red Dot Laser Sight is available for fitment to the front of the weapon mount . Also supplied with four other mounting adaptors plus two switches -a standard on/off and a 15" coiled remote pressure switch.

Please note that this accessory will not work with the 24021WP NVMT1 WP, 24022WP NVMT2 WP