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Meade Telescopes have been allowing amateur astronomers to gaze into the night sky since 1970. Meade offers a fantastic range that will suit beginners and seasoned stargazers alike. The telescope serving as a much larger 'eye', collects more light and allows the observation of objects in increased detail. The important operative characteristic of a telescope is its aperture, or diameter, not simple power or magnification, as is often thought. Higher powers can enable increased object resolution but it is the telescopes aperture that ultimately determines how much you can see. The larger the telescopes optical system, the greater detail that can be observed.


Meade Polaris Reflecting Telescopes

Meade Polaris Reflecting Telescopes

Large aperture German equatorial reflecting telescopes.

  • Polaris 114 mm
  • Polaris 127 mm

Meade Polaris Refracting Telescopes

Meade Polaris Refracting Telescopes

German equatorial refracting telescopes.

  • Polaris 90 mm

Meade Infinity Altazimuth Refractor Telescopes

Meade Infinity Short Tube refracting Telescopes

Altazimuth mounted refracting telescopes

  • Infinity 90mm
  • Infinity 102mm

Meade LightBridge Telescopes

Meade LightBridge Telescopes

Dobsonian mounted relecting telescopes

  • LightBridge Mini
  • LightBridge 114
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