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Olivion Optics

Olivon T90 spotting scope

Olivon T800 + Zoom

The Olivion T800 Spotting Scope is perfect for serious terrestrial observations such as bird-watching etc. Optical performance is excellent, delivering crisp, bright, sharp, high-resolution images, across the entire field of view. The objective lenses are multi-coated for maximum light transmission and image contrast. A Zoom eyepiece is included with each model as standard. Focusing is ultra-smooth and practically eliminates vibration whilst in use. The tubes are covered with a protective rubberised paint finish to help protect from the elements in addition to being NItrogen filled fully waterproof. All models can be mounted on a standard photographic tripod via a ¼" tripod bush. Supplied with stay on case. The T800 scope now uses 1.25" eyepieces, which is the standard fitting of eyepieces for many astronomical telescopes. Adaption to SLR cameras has also been made simpler with the addition of a T thread under the twist up eyecup on the zoom eyepiece.

Olivon T800 45º
x20-60x Zoom
Object Diameter
Focal length
Length (mm)
Weight (g)
Actual Field of View
31m - 15.7m
Multi Coated
Minimum Focus (apprx.)
8 - 10m

Olivon Standard Camera Adapter (For T80)

The Olivon standard camera adaptor is a multipurpose digiscoping and standard photo converter. It can be used via a T2 mount to couple to any standard or digital SLR or via filter adaptors direct to the filter thread of digital compact cameras. This ingenious adaptor puts Olivon at the forefront of digiscoping.



Stock Code
Olivon T2 Camera Adapter (For T800 / T84)

These mounts allow the Camera adapters to be fitted to either a filter thread on a camera or an SLR type camera


Stock Code
T-Mount Camera adapter
From £15.00
T-Mount - Filter Thread Camera adapter
From £10.00

Olivon Universal Camera Adapter

The Universal Digital Camera Adapter from Olivon slots over your spotting scope eyepiece and is secured by a tightening screw. You can then attach your digital compact camera via the tripod socket. Then simply invest a few minutes of your time to alter the horizontal, vertical and depth settings to suit your digital camera model so that it is aligned with your spotting scope eyepiece and your ready to digisope - it really is that simple.