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The Multifeeder barn (red)

The Giant Feeder


The Giant Feeder



This feeder can be filled with upto 6 litres of birdseed. The seed insert is made of weather-resistant and recyclable plastic and the tower is made of powder-coated steel. The small birds can easily perch at one of the six feeding windows, but the larger birds will have problems.

Reduced risk of littering
The output is designed so that the birds cannot easily scatter and scratch the food out onto the ground.


Dimensions: 220 x 420 mm
Weight: 1800g
Material: Powder coated steel
Windows for access: 6
Capacity: 6 litres of food

The Townhouse

The Townhouse

Wildlife Garden’s food dispenser the Townhouse has been especially developed to blend in with a more urban setting. Designed in the same fashion as the city buildings they become a pleasant contribution to the urban landscape at the same time as they provide birds with meeting-places.

Food dispenser for small birds
The Townhouse may be filled with bird seed but is also well suited for shell-less seed mixtures such as Wild bird müsli. Shell-less seeds are particularly appropriate for feeding in a city environment as they won’t produce litter and will attract new, exciting species of bird to the dispenser The four openings are shaped in such a way that small birds easily find the food, and thanks to the perches they can eat comfortably and hygienically without sitting in the food or soiling it with their droppings.

The perches are too short for larger species to settle on which guarantees the little bird’s peace while eating. The seeds are protected from rain, snow and wind and will not fall out if the house starts swinging in the wind.

The Townhouse is a product developed in Sweden and professionally handcrafted completely out of weather proof larch wood with tarred roofing felt.
It is easy to refill the spacious house (2.2 litres) by pulling out the pegs, lifting the rood and filling up with seeds.

The food dispenser doesn’t require any mounting contraption; it will easily hang by the accompanying hemp string from a tree or in a hook on the balcony. No other mounting is necessary.

Dimensions: 150 x 150 x 330
Weight: 850 g
Material: Weather proof larch wood, roofing felt
Windows for access: 4
Capacity: 2,2 litres of food

The Tower house

The nesting box you can keep a check on!
New for this spring is a turreted nesting box adapted to the birds’ own habitat. With its angular rounded shape and unpainted wooden surface it is in harmony with its natural surroundings – and it ages beautifully as a result. With just a few simple moves it can be quickly transfomed from a nesting box to a feeder. The food remains protected from rain and snow and spillage to the ground is minimized. Under the ceiling there is also space to attach a web camera – so that we can see what life is really like in a nesting box during spring with our own eyes.

The Tower house is made of solid and naturally coloured wood and is supplied together with a practical attachment block making it easy to take it down and clean it. Just like the other nesting boxes in Wildlife Garden’s range, the Tower house is equipped with ventilation holes and slits so that young birds and climb up when it’s time to leave the nest. Nothing has been left to chance.

Dimensions: 210 x 175 x 255 mm (wxdxh)
Weight: 750 g
Material: Natural solid wood
Windows for access: 3
Capacity: 2,2 litres of food

Mounting: Mounting instructions included.


Assembly Pole for Multiholk bird house or feeder

Assembly Pole For Bird House or Feeder. The pole comes in three sections for easy assembly. The dimensions of the pole are suitable for our cottage bird houses and multibarn feeder. The pole is delivered in three sections that may be assembled to one of two heights, 1.2 or 1.8 metres. The pointed bottom section makes the pole easy to insert into the ground. Dimensions (assembled): 1200mm / 1800 mm. Dimensions (packaged): 600 x 90 x 45 mm. Weight:  1.8 kg. Material:  Pressure-preserved scots pine. Other: Screws included.