Sherwoods Photographic Ltd provide a wide range of
Binoculars, including RSPB Binoculars

"Binoculars - an optical instrument designed for simultaneous use by both eyes;"


Sherwoods offer a wide range of binoculars suitable for all types of observing from some of the world leading manufacturers. We offer an extensive choice to meet the varied demands of users. The reason for so many models ? Simple, to maximise the opportunity for you to purchase the best binoculars suited to you. At times we realise that our choice can be a little daunting if you are not sure what you are after, we have a basic guide to choosing the correct pair of binoculars. Failing that we can also back this up with over 70 years in the optics business so if you still bewildered by the choice please feel free to contact one of our specialists for further advice.

Pocket Binoculars and Compact Binoculars

Ex Demo binoculars - Nearly new optcs at second user price
Hawke Frontier ED X Binoculars
Vortex Optics - Binoculars

opticron binoculars

Opticron Imagic 8x42 BGA.PC.ASF T

Founded over thirty eight years ago, their overriding principles continue to center on offering the highest levels of customer service, product quality and choice. Quality is paramount and has been developed over years of partnership and collaboration with some of Japans leading optical manufacturers. The benefits of these relationships are seen in the quality of their Birdwatching binoculars and telescopes as well as the value for money which we believe is second to none.

Viking Optical Binoculars

After commencing trading over 20 years ago Viking Optcal have grown steadily to become one of the leading independent Bird wathching equipment importers in the UK. They have a long history of co-operation with conservation bodies such as the RSPB and BirdLife International. Employing a strict quality control on all products to ensure any product baring the Viking name is manufactured to the highest possible standards. As a result, you can take the Viking logo as a seal of approval in delivery of the finest and top performing optics available today.

RSPB Binoculars
Designed for Birdwatchers by Birdwatchers

The RSPB Birdwatching binocular range is produced especially for bird and wildlife observation using the experience of birdwatchers from around the world. The range represents excellent value for money and is widely used by RSPB members, naturalists and professionals alike who require excellent all round performance.

HookUpz Binocular & Monocular Smartphone adapters

The world is at your fingertips…literally. Capture and share everything nature has to offer with the HookUpz Binocular & Monocular smartphone adapters. See detail you never though possible with your iPhone 5/5s / Samsung Galaxy S® 4 and the LensMag & MicroMax LED pocket microscope or capture everything life has to offer with the Carson HookUpz 7x18 Monocular.

Binoculars from Sherwoods

Both pocket binoculars and compact binoculars are incredibly popular, and luckily there are plenty of brands to choose from to suit just about everyone. You'll be able to find Hawke binoculars, Viking binoculars and Opticron binoculars here at Sherwoods, and that's just for starters.

speaking to the experts would be a good place to start.

Come to Sherwoods Photographic for all of your binoculars needs

Here at Sherwoods Photographic we have a great range of all kinds of compact and pocket binoculars, as well as numerous different brands such as Hawke and Viking binoculars. We have options to suit just about everyone, and our great choice means that we're bound to have just what you're looking for. Simply contact us and we'll be able to put you in touch with one of our experts who'll be able to give you invaluable advice.

Great binoculars and great brands at great prices

We pride ourselves on offering our customers the best we can, and that's why we stock the highest quality compact and pocket binoculars around. We think that you deserve the best, and that's why our brands include everything from Hawke binoculars to Viking binoculars and everything in between. Our prices are second-to-none as well, so you'll never need to look anywhere else for a great range of pocket and compact binoculars at exceptional prices.

So, for birdwatching binoculars of all kinds, make sure to see what we can offer you here at Sherwoods Photographic.