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Wildlife World Bat box - Double Chamber

This oak/larch double chambered box provides habitat for many bats. The heavy construction provides good insulation and longevity, as well as preventing predators from chewing the entrance slot. There is an access ladder and hinged front door providing access for inspection and cleaning. Bat boxes should be sited 2.5 to 5 mtrs high (depending on whether low or high flying bats are sighted) Bats may change direction of roost preferred, dependant on weather conditions and season. Ideally three boxes should be fixed on a tree facing north, or south to south east.

H. 300mm
W. 135mm
D. 135mm
Approx Weight: 2kg

Chavenage Bat Box
Wildlife World Chavenage Bat Box

This natural and attractive Bat Box will fit into any garden, woodland or house wall site. It is made from high quality durable timber providing logevity and excellent insulation. Bats need Habitat as many of their roost have been lost over recent years. The narrow entrance slot and strong timber help to discourage predators. New building may require the provision of bat boxes/roosts.
(H. 380mm W. 180mm D. 100mm - Approx Weight 1.2kg)

Wildlife World Frog & Toad house

Wildlife World Frog & Toad house

The Frog or Toad House provides a safe retreat and habitat for frogs and toads. Constructed from naturally durable larch/cedar/oak and hazel, it is dual chambered and features an integral reclaimed roof tile which forms the top of one chamber which is open to the soil and provides a cool sanctuary for toads. The other chamber has a timber floor and separate access door and provides drier accomodation. The house may provide an over wintering place for frogs as well as a safe retreat. The Frog/Toad House is important in providing safe space near a pond away from domestic dogs and cats. There are also many predators for frogs, so the home can help survival rates.