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Yukon Day Vision Scopes
Spotting Scope Scout 20x50WA £40.00

Encased in Yukon's original rubber armoured body, the new ScoutTM offers the most popular power ranges at a surprisingly low cost. With plenty of power for a broad range of uses, the Scout is as functional at home for viewing wildlife, as it is traveling, hiking, or prolonged use in nature observation.

The Scout series feature a large diameter (50 mm) front lens, which produces excellent light gathering and transmission properties. Enhanced with our special multi-layered Magnesium Fluoride coatings, Scout's all-glass optics provide a sharp and clear image even in low light conditions.

Each Scout is tripod mountable

  • High 30x magnification
  • Popularly priced
  • Water resistant
  • Compact (only 9"/14" in length.)
  • Lightweight (only 16 oz.)
  • Rubber armoured body
  • Fully multicoated lenses
  • Corduroy carrying case

Objective lens, mm.


Magnification, x


Field of View, ft/m @ 1000 yd/m

131 / 40

Minimum focusing distance, yd/m

15 / 15

Length closed(open), in/mm

9(14) / 230(370)

Weight, oz/kg

16 / 0.45

Tripod mount, in


Variable Power Spotting Scope 20-50x50
Yukon 20-50x50WA

The perfect multitasking scope that works anywhere! Yukon is lightweight, compact yet extremely powerful. A Newtonian refractor system allows this surprisingly small 9 in. variable power 20-50x50 scope to be easily packed away for long hikes. Full-featured optics allows perfect image quality in all weather conditions.

  • 20-50x magnification
  • Compact (only 9" in length.)
  • Lightweight (only 25 oz.)
  • Water resistant
  • Rubber armoured body
  • Fully multicoated lenses
  • Detachable sighting device
  • Padded corduroy carrying case
  • Tripod mountable

Objective lens, mm.


Magnification, x


Field of View, ft/m @ 1000 yd.

145 / 44

Minimum focusing distance, yd/m.

10 / 10

Length , in/mm

9 / 240

Weight, oz/kg

25 / 0.7

Tripod mount, in



Yukon 100X 45
Yukon 100X Straight
Yukon 100X 45
Yukon 100X Straight


The Yukon 100X is a revolutionary new spotting scope with unique optical characteristics - it has two optical channels. This is the first spotting scope on the market using this system and that will deliver magnifications from 6x to 100x without the need to change eyepieces. The excellent light gathering capabilities of the 100mm multicoated objective lens makes the picture clear and bright in most viewing conditions. The unit's body shell is rugged, weather resistant and, considering it's magnification range, is relatively compact and lightweight. The angled, rotating eyepiece allows use when you are unable to align your viewing position with the scope, such as when lying in a prone shooting position. A lens hood is supplied to reduce flare and to protect the front element from rain.

A sturdy tripod is essential for maximum performance

  • Magnification with linear zooming from 6X to 100X
  • Dual multicoated objective lenses - 35 mm and 100 mm
  • Generous eye relief
  • Compact
  • Light weight
  • Waterproof
  • Rugged
  • Custom carrying case

Main objective lens, mm


Field of view, ft/m @ 1000 yds./m
- by magnifying power of 100x
- by magnifying power of 25x










Window Mount

Window Mount

High magnification optics need a steady, reliable support. This mount can be used with all optical devices or cameras.


Telescopic Tripod
Telescopic Tripod

This mount can be used with all optical devices or cameras. Light weight telescopic table top tripod
Height 290-435mm

Telescopic Tripod & Window mount Kit Telescopic Tripod & Window mount Kit
Telescopic Tripod & Window mount Kit

Light weight telescopic table top tripod and car window mount in drawstring case


High magnification optics need a steady, reliable support. This mount can be used with all optical devices or cameras.

DSAS (Directional Sound Amplification System)
Directional Sound Amplification System

Tick box to include Disposable battery £4.99

The Yukon DSAS is a revolutionary new device for capturing and recording sound under a wide variety of conditions. Professional quality technical performance, including broad frequency response, high sensitivity, and crystal clear audio output, is combined with compact dimensions and light weight to provide an audio device that is unique in the industry.

The microphone has very selective directionality - we use the term 'hyper-cardioid' to describe the directional characteristics of the unit. Precision engineered to the latest technical specifications and using the state-of-the-art electronic components, the Yukon DSAS allows you to listen to sounds at a distance up to 300 feet (100 meters). Selective Resonation Design, an exclusive DSAS feature, captures and delivers the sounds emanating from the subject under observation while rejecting sound from outside the selected area.

Directional Antennae allows the DSAS to reduce background and wind noise without the need for a bulky parabolic dish. The sound receiver is removable (demountable). The electrical power for the DSAS is provided by a commonly available 3-volt lithium battery, which will deliver up to 300 hours of operation before replacement is required. Audio output level is adjusted by digital push buttons.

The DSAS can be tripod mounted or easily attached to camcorders, binoculars, spotting scopes and night vision devices. It incorporates a special pullout junction that allows the unit to be attached to optical devices. The DSAS extends the capabilities of any optical device - you can not only observe an object but also listen to sound emanating from it. Recording devices can be attached via a standard audio jack. The unit comes equipped with headset, user's manual and a padded corduroy carrying case.

The professional qualities of the DSAS allows it to be employed by sound engineers and journalists while its low cost and small size makes it attractive for very wide variety of users - search and rescue services, security personnel, ornithologists and nature-lovers.

  • Lightweight (only 4.6 oz.)
  • Professional quality
  • Compact (only 12.2" in length
  • Wind protection
  • Sound equalization
  • Hyper-cardioid directional characteristics
  • High sensitivity
  • Self contained
  • Wide frequency response
  • Padded corduroy carrying case
  • Headset included
Characteristics Value

Sound Amplification, dB


Frequency Response, Hz


Sensitivity at frequency level of 1000 Hz, mV/Pa

20 + 5

Dimensions, in./mm

12.2 1.8 1.2 / 310 x 30 x 45

Weight, oz / kg

4.6 / 0.13

Voltage, V


Operation time, hour