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"Accessory - a supplementary component that improves capability;"


Sherwoods stocks a vast array of products for nature conservation and wildlife research. From Bat detectors from Wildlife World to the award winning Multiholk nesting box's and feeds.

Kinetic Garden Art Wind Sculptures
Kinetic Garden Art Wind Sculptures

Add a little movement and further interest to the garden with these innovative 'wind-mills'. Designed to move with the breeze, these pieces comprise of, in most cases, dual movement 'sails' and are silent in motion. On sturdy powder-coated supports, they require minimal maintenance and are supplied 'flat-packed' and require some simple assembly.

Viking Cree Torches.

Multiholk The Modern House

The Multiholk makes up a series of nesting boxes that also function as seed dispensers and bird tables. They are manufactured with exteriors mimicking typical cottages. Multiholk® can dispense two kinds of food at the same time from the spacious container. It is designed in such a way that the food will stay dry and so that the birds cannot sit down in the food. Only small birds are able to sit down comfortably. Larger birds such as magpies and crows are unable to grip the table with their claws.

wildlife habitats
wildlife world wildlife habitats

Provide food and shelter in your garden for insects, mammals and birds with high quality british hand made habitat box's and feeders from Wildlife World. By doing so you will be playing a vital role in the balanced garden ecosystem.

DecoBird Green Woodpecker
DecoBird & DecoAnimals - Collector's editions with european birds!

DecoBird & DecoAnimal® are a series of hand carved lime wood bird & Mammals, exquisitely painted with non-toxic colours. They are life sized and modeled after common European garden birds and mammals. Each model has an accompanying brochure in which the species is described in an informative and pleasant way, as well as how it lives and what kind of habitat it prefers. With prices staring from £5.50 they make ideal gifts !!

Bresser range of wireless plant water indicators

Never concern yourself with neglecting your houseplants again. The Bresser range of wireless plant water indicators keep you well informed about the precise needs of your plants. Based on easy to understand graphics the plants watering demand can quickly be viewed on the easy to read remote monitoring watering station. Simply place the wireless moisture sensor in the potted soil and the data is wirelessly transmitted to the station.