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Meade ReadiView Field Microscope

Meade ReadiView Field Microscope
A portable window to the microscopic universe...
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ReadiView is a radical new microscope design. Designed for portability and ease of use, ReadiView is highly versatile and can fulfill a wide range of applications. ReadiView porvides two magnification levels, 80x and 160x. "X" stands for magnifaction or power. This means that objects viewed through ReadiView are 80 or 160 times larger then they appear to the naked eye. The eyepiece may be removed (just gently pull from the body of the microscope) and be used as a 10x viewer.

ReadiView has a lighting arm which conveniently folds down and out of the way for storage. Power for the lighting arm is provided by two user-supplied batteries. Included with the kit is a magnetic holder to secure your slides or specimens in place, plust two slides: one prepared with a specimen and one left blank, so you can prepare your own specimens.

Switchable magnification of x80 and x160
9 element precision glass, fully coated. Resolving power typically 2 microns. Modified Ramsden eyepiece with unique square field of view (removes to provide x10 handlens). Eye cup reversible for right or left handed viewing.
Via thumb wheel on case underside
In-built illumination:
Articulated lighting arm providing transmission, reflected and dark-ground illumination.
Ferrous stage allowing the use of moulded magnets to retain specimens
Can be attached to standard photographic tripods
2 x AA batteries mounted internally (not included)
103mm diameter x 27mm thick