Instruction Manuals

Refractors, Reflectors, Short-tube refractors, Catadioptric-Newtonians, Maksutovs
All models with AZ mount  491kb
All models with EQ1 and EQ2 mount  812kb
All models with EQ3-2 and EQ5(EQ4) mount 2,091kb
All models with HEQ5 and EQ6 mount 906kb

**Download EQ6 mount if the reticle in your EQ6 polarscope does not resemble the one in the General HEQ5/EQ6 manual.  1,390kb

All Dobsonian Models with the tension control handle 806kb
Other Dobsonians 697kb

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Tabletop Telescopes
All tabletop models
(SK763EQ/TA, SK804EQ/TA, SKMAK90EQ/TA, and SK8035EQ/TA)

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Spotting Scopes
All spotting scope models (ST1545 and ST2060) 220kb

Motor Drives
EQ1 fixed rate single axis 132kb
EQ1 single axis with hand control 226kb
EQ2 fixed rate single axis 146kb
EQ2 single axis with hand control 205kb
EQ3-2 single axis 117kb
EQ3-2 dual axis 249kb
EQ5(EQ4) single axis 228kb
EQ5(EQ4) dual axis 301kb

Digital Imager driver and PhotoLib2002 9.9mb
Digital Imager Instruction Manual 414kb

Operating Your Telescope
Collimating Sky-Watcher Newtonian Reflectors (including Dobsonians) 99.2kb
Collimating Sky-Watcher Refractors with the Adjustable Objective-lens Cell 61.3kb
Polar Alignment for EQ1 and EQ2 Mount 17.9kb
Polar Alignment for EQ3-2 and EQ4/5 Mount 28.5kb
Using the Setting Circles for EQ1 and EQ2 Mount 50.1kb
Using the Setting Circles for EQ3-2 and EQ4/5 Mount 49.9kb
Using the optional Polar Scope for EQ3-2 and EQ4/5 Mount 153kb
Using the Red Dot Finder 63.5kb
Installing the Pre-Assembled Tripod 69.2kb
Using the Polar Scope for EQ6 mount (Note: download the "Using the optional Polar Scope for EQ3-2 and EQ4/5 mount" instructions above if your polar scope does not look the same as this one.)
New! Pointing an Equatorial Telescope 155kb

Charts and Forms
Standard Time Zones of the World 628kb
Observing Form 244kb